Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want to go back on vacation

I have only been back from vacation for a few days and I am ready to leave again. After only one day at work, I can feel the stress coming back. I was so relaxed when I came back. It is really sad that this quickly it can affect me. I need to find ways to reduce the stress because I cannot allow the stress to get as bad as it was before I left.

There is something about being away from your life that allows you to totally relax. Now it is my job to figure out how to relax while living my "normal" life.


jopal said...

I will be vacationing - just for the weekend - in your neighborhood!
We are taking a bus trip to Camden Yards for a couple Red Sox games . We leave in the am (5/31) and return the next day Sun, the 1st .
Hope we have good weather!
I will be looking for some steamed crabs at the Inner Harbor!

Suzy's Corner said...

Please let me know how your weekend was. I have not yet had crabs this season. I usually wait until around end of June, beginning of July. They weather seems to have been great for you.