Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mini Snowman

Here is a design I created today: Mini Snowman Size 5 needles DK weight yarn (1 skein will probably make 5-6 snowman) white Scraps of yarn to make hats and scarfs With White yarn, cast on 10 stitches Row 1: K1, M1 in each stitch (20 stitches) Row 2: purl Row 3: K1, M1 in each stitch (40 stitches) Row 4: Purl Rows 5-23: Stockinette Stitch (ending with a purl row) Row 24: * K2, k2tog* repeat across Row 25: purl Row 26: *K1, k2tog* repeat across Row 27 – 39: stockinette stitch (ending with a purl row) Row 40: * K2, k2tog* repeat across Row: 41: Purl Row 42: *K1, k2tog* repeat across Cut yarn leaving a 12” tail, with a tapestry needle draw the yarn through the remaining stitches and draw the stitches together. Using the same yarn, sew the back of the snowman. Stuff the snowman and then draw the yarn through the bottom stitches, drawing the bottom closed. You can either use small eyes or use black yarn to embroider eyes on. Hat: Cast on 24 stitches Rows 1: knit 2, purl 2 Row 2: knit 2, purl 2 Rows 3-6: repeat rows 1 and 2 Row 7-19 stockinette stitch (ending with a purl row) Row 20: *k2, k2tog* repeat across Row 21: Purl Row 22: * k1, k2tog* repeat across Row 23: Purl Row 24: Repeat Row 20 Row: 25 Purl Row 26: Knit Row 27: Purl Row 28: Repeat Row 22 Row 29: Purl Row 30: Knit Row 31: Purl Row 32: Repeat row 20 Row 33: Purl Row 34: Repeat Row 22 Row 35: Purl Row 36: K2tog across Cut a 12” tail of yarn. Using tapestry needle, draw yarn through stitches still on needle and pull the tightly closed. Using the same yarn, stitch up the back of the hat. Either make or use a pre-made pompom and sew it at the tip of the hat. Scarf Cast on 4 Rows 1-4 knit Row 5: knit 1, wrap the yarn 2x knit in next 2 stitches, wrap yarn 2x, knit 1 Row 6: knit 1, drop wrapped yarn, knit 2, drop wrapped yarn, knit 1 Repeat rows 1-6 until scarf is desired length.