Friday, August 22, 2008

B I N G O....Can you say Bingo????

Does anyone else have memories of playing bingo in elementary school for little prizes like a pink pencil? I certainly do. It was a great way for my teacher to teach us whatever subject they were teaching at the time. I use to think it was great! As I got older I would go to play bingo at a bingo hall with both my mother and grandmother. Boy did things change from elementary school. Not only did you get numerous cards (not just one like at school) but you actually played for money. Lastly, you did not play traditional bingo. There were many different bingos (four corners, T, box, etc).

In today's world the children need to have a video to catch there attention. Disney has come out with Disney Bingo This is a great way to introduce you little ones to the classic game of bingo (with a twist). This game uses their favorite disney characters and a DVD to teach them how to play bingo. I can only imagine my little granddaughter in about a year playing this game. She loves princesses and Nemo. What she will not realize is that it is helping her learn her letters, numbers, colors and matching. I love games that will help her learn while she has fun. If you are interested in purchasing this game you can go to either Amazon or By shopping online, you will save the gas of running to the toystore!


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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Okay, I have to admit it...I am addicted to the Wii game system. I got a Wii earlier this week and have been playing Wii sports every night. Now I have the Wii Fit. I highly recommend this system and program to anyone that wants to exercise at home. You do all types of exercises such as yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balance. The workouts start out slow and it can tell how you are actually doing during the workout. As you progress so does your workout. The good part about this is it makes the workout fun!

Well, I am back to my exercises!

Hollywood Love

Have you ever thought what are some of the great lines from movies that everyone seems to know? There is always the line, "You had me at hello...." or "Show me the money!" I don't know about you but I have personally used the line "Show me the money!" many many times to illustrate that I will not do something until I get proof that I will be paid or when I am playing around with my friends. How many times have you said "Houston we have a problem." We use that line at work whenever there are problems.

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Boy has it been busy

I just realized that I have not written in a very long time. My oldest daughter is planning a wedding for March, 2009. She is trying to get as much stuff taken care of now and then by the time the holidays come around we won't have to worry too much about the wedding. So right now it has been crazy. Yesterday we went wedding dress shopping. I was very impressed. I really thought it would take her a couple of trips to find the dress. She found it at the first place we went and start to finish it only took 3 hours. We also found the brides maids dresses and the flower girl dresses. Mission accomplished. Now I just have to go look for mine.

Also, my son is home this week from Vermont. He came home to go to a friend's wedding and to make their wedding cakes. As I write this, my home smells like cake and icing. I have also found that since he has been home we have been running all over the place in the evenings (times I would be usually home resting.) Therefore this week has been a very tiring week!

Well I am going to wrap it up for now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Great American Seafood Cookoff

Below is a recipe that I make. It is something very simple but because I am a native Marylander this is an important recipe for this area of the country.

Maryland Crab Cakes:

1 pound lump backfin crab meat
1 slice of bread
2 tablespoons mustard
1 teaspoon mayonaise
2 teaspoons Old Bay Seafood Seasoning
1 egg

Dump all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix. (It is best to mix with your hands). Now divide the mixture into six sections. Form each section into a ball. Place the ball on a cookie sheet. Once all the balls are made you place the cookie sheet in the oven. The oven should be set at 350 degrees. You usually cook them approximately 15 minutes. You really cook them until they are golden brown and a crispy on the outside.

I usually serve the crab cakes with either some vegetable or a side salad and dinner rolls.

This recipe will be a great contender for the Great American Seafood Cook Off Cook off because it is a basic recipe with great taste. Have you ever noticed that other regions try to make Maryland Crab Cakes (they never do). This recipe represents the State of Maryland and the great seafood that comes out of our Chesapeake Bay. More and more people need to be aware of the amount of good seafood that comes out of the Chesapeake Bay so we can nuture the bay and keep the good local seafood coming for generations.

So try the recipe above and let me know what you think. Also, please let me know if you make any changes to the recipe.