Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want to go back on vacation

I have only been back from vacation for a few days and I am ready to leave again. After only one day at work, I can feel the stress coming back. I was so relaxed when I came back. It is really sad that this quickly it can affect me. I need to find ways to reduce the stress because I cannot allow the stress to get as bad as it was before I left.

There is something about being away from your life that allows you to totally relax. Now it is my job to figure out how to relax while living my "normal" life.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to Normal Life

Today was the day that reality set back in. I had to get up and head off to work this morning. I have to be at work at 6:00 a.m. which means I head off to bed early. This was not too easy last night because while vacation I had completely gotten off schedule. Also, Michael is flying home to Vermont this evening. He will no longer be sleeping on my couch. I should be able to see him in July. He is coming home to bake a wedding cake for one of Kira's friends.

I really had a difficult time getting back into the swing of things today at work. I had not been on a vacation for 5 years. I was totally amazed at how many people commented on how relaxed I appeared today. Being completely honest, I have not felt this relaxed in years. I did not realize how much stress I have been carrying around with me, especially the last year. What I do realize is that I will not wait another 5 years for me to take vacations. I have 3 weeks vacation each year and I am going to use them.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kira got engaged

Wednesday while we were all at the beach, Jesus asked my permission to ask Kira to marry him.  It was so nice.  He and I were out in the ocean when he asked me.  Later that evening, Jesus and Kira decided to go for a walk on the beach.  He asked here while they were on the beach.  Kira came barging into the condo screaming "We are getting married!"  They want to get married in March, 2009.  I guess the craziness will really kick in now.  :)

I am enjoying a little quiet time at the condo today.  Kira and Jesus are at the beach.  Mike went on the casino ship and I don't know where Laura and Susan headed off to.  That is okay.  I am working on the computer and trying to get a few things cleaned up here so we won't have much to do tomorrow before driving home.  I can't believe the week is already over.  I will post pictures of everyone once I get home.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All the"KIDS" are here on vacation

Believe it or not, all my grown children have arrived here in Myrtle Beach.  Kira and Jesus, Laura and Susan, and Michael are all here.  Laura and Susan were the last to arrive here last night.  They drove through parts of NC under tornado warnings.  It was my little girl's first long driving trip.  Susan came in saying that if this is how trips are she will not be going on any more.  We all went to the beach today.  That was really nice since we have a high of 86 degrees.  I actually got in the ocean today.  IT FELT GREAT!!!!

I just got back from trying to go to my grandparents' house.  They had a house down here for as long as I can remember.  I use to spend every summer down here with them.  My grI wiandfather passed away appoximately 5 years ago and my grandmother last year.  I have not been to the house since they have passed.  The key I was given would not work.  I wanted to go by myself the first time.  However, it looks as if I am going to have to take one of the kids with me to see if we can get in the house.  My mom and aunt are going to sell the house, a terrible shame, so I really want to go in and say my goodbyes before it is sold.

We are having a wonderful time.  It is amazing how fast time flies when you are not at work!!!  Ha Ha.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am here in Myrle Beach, SC for a week of rest and relaxation.  My son, Michael drove down with me after flying down from Vermont.  My oldest daughter, Kira and her boyfriend and my youngest daughter, and her girlfriend are all driving down today.  I am really looking forward to spending a couple of days with my children.  It does not happen that often now that they are all grown.  Alia, my granddaughter was suppose to come to the beach for the first time; however, she got double ear infections 2 days before the trip.  We were all greatly disappointed that she was not well enough to come.  I think all of us were excited to play with her at the beach and watch for the first time down here.

We are actually staying in North Myrtle Beach.  I have not been down here in over 5 years.  It is sad to think about it being that long.  I use to stay all summer down here with my grandparents.  Unfortunately,  North Myrtle Beach has built up so much.  I knew it would have to happen but it is still sad.  Also, you should see the size of the houses that they are putting up down here.  These are not beach houses!!!!  I think the saddest thing I have seen though has to be the inablity to see the ocean anymore when you drive down Ocean Blvd.  When I get back I will post many pictures of our adventures down here!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First and foremost, Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there. I have had a truely lovely day with my family. My son called from Vermont earlier this morning. I was in the middle of watching "PS I Love You" and was crying when he called. Once I convinced him I was okay we talked for a few minutes and then I got back to the movie. My youngest daughter and her girlfriend got me a couple of candles (I love good smelling candles), a pink rose, and card last night. Kira, my oldest, and Jesus got me a lovely plant and a nice card. I spent the day at a family gathering.

I am getting ready to go on vacation next week so this week is going to be a little hectic. I know I should not wait till the last minute to get things done but I always do. I have to get new tires and an oil change before we leave. All the kids, their significant others, my granddaughter, and myself are heading to sunny Myrtle Beach. I have not been on a vacation in over 5 years. This is muchly needed.

Oh, before I wrap it up for today, here is the lastest list of freebies I have gotten this week:

1. True Stories Magazine
2. Sample of Nature best dog food (giving it to a friend)
3. Super shine cleaner
4. Dozen cookies from Food Lion with their coupon.
5. 12 pack of Diet Pepsi Max (from a contest). One of the cans in the 12 pack was empty so I called them. They are sending out coupons to replace my 12 pack.

I need to get off of here and start getting ready for a long week at work. Doesn't it always seem as if the week before vacation goes in super long motion.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy Weekend !

I have had a very busy weekend so far. As I posted on Friday afternoon, I went out on a date Friday evening. I have admit to being very nervous about the whole idea of dating again. We went to the Long Horn restaurant. Dinner was delicious and the conversation was great. It was funny. I told my dinner partner that all of my children would know that I was on a date before the evening was over, including my son in Vermont. When I walked in the house, Laura told me that my son had called from Vermont and wanted to know if I was already asleep. She told him, "No, Mom is on a date." He called back later and was teasing me like crazy. They are not use to me going out and not being home.

Saturday, I got up and headed into work for a half day. From there I went to my girlfriend Terry's house. She is one of the best cooks I know. She loves to cook for everyone and had invited me over for lunch. She was surprised when I did not have Alia with me but I told her i would be picking her up later. We had a wonderful time just sitting and talking. Terry is one of my dearest friends and it felt great just spending time with her. From her house, I picked up Alia. She is so much fun to have these days. She is talking up a storm! She suprises me each week with something new. Last night she sang the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star just out of the blue! I hate to brag but she is one smart little cookie. She also loves to play on the computer. I sometimes have to remember she just turned 2!

Well, I am going to wrap it up for now. I am waiting for someone to come pick some books I am selling on Craigslist.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Friday

Boy am I really glad it is Friday, even though I have to go into work for a few hours on Saturday morning. I took yesterday day off because it had been so hectic I needed a break. However, it made it even that much more difficult to get up and go into today.

I am going out with someone tonight on a date. This feels very strange to be dating again at my age. To be completely honest, I am a nervous wreck. They were all teasing me at work today. I am slowing getting use to be single again. I cannot believe that it has almost been 9 months since John passed away. In some ways it feels like just yesterday and then in others I feel as if it has been a life time since I saw him last. I do have to admit that I really miss him. With all his faults (and yes he had them), he was still my best friend. I just hope that when he looks down on me now he knows how much I will always love him.

I am going to wrap it up for now because I really need to start getting myself together for tonight.