Friday, August 22, 2008

B I N G O....Can you say Bingo????

Does anyone else have memories of playing bingo in elementary school for little prizes like a pink pencil? I certainly do. It was a great way for my teacher to teach us whatever subject they were teaching at the time. I use to think it was great! As I got older I would go to play bingo at a bingo hall with both my mother and grandmother. Boy did things change from elementary school. Not only did you get numerous cards (not just one like at school) but you actually played for money. Lastly, you did not play traditional bingo. There were many different bingos (four corners, T, box, etc).

In today's world the children need to have a video to catch there attention. Disney has come out with Disney Bingo This is a great way to introduce you little ones to the classic game of bingo (with a twist). This game uses their favorite disney characters and a DVD to teach them how to play bingo. I can only imagine my little granddaughter in about a year playing this game. She loves princesses and Nemo. What she will not realize is that it is helping her learn her letters, numbers, colors and matching. I love games that will help her learn while she has fun. If you are interested in purchasing this game you can go to either Amazon or By shopping online, you will save the gas of running to the toystore!


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