Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hopefully Relief is Coming!!!!

If you don't live in Baltimore, Maryland then you may not be under an extreme heat warning. The last few days have been horribly hot. The schools have been closing 1/2 days and everyone else is trying to stay inside. That is everyone except the people that have to work outside. I work for Allied Waste so all our drivers have to be outside in all this heat. However, we are all excited because we are suppose to have a cool front come in. Tomorrow is predicted to only go up to 88 degrees. That sound tell you how hot it has been when we are excited about 88 degrees.

I just 3 weeks away from having my surgery. I had a procedure yesterday. I am at the point where all I want is for the surgery to be over and for me to start my recovery. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks,

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