Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hartman's Leather Luggage

Hartman Leather Luggage appears to be very well made. Here is a link to their leather collection. Leather Luggage
I love the look of the luggage. Yes it is pricey but you are paying for something that is quality made. This picture is of the 50" Mobile Traveler Garment Bag. It is in the Intensity line. The Intensity Line is one of a couple lines of Wheeled Luggage There are many pieces that match this particular item. I like how this piece is lined in plastic. This is a great feature. How many times have gone to pick up your luggage after a flight and see a wet stain on the side of your luggage. Yes, the shampoo has leaked through the entire luggage. The plastic lining will keep some of the mess down the next time you forget to put liquid items in plastic bags. I also like the over the door hook that detaches when you need it. That is a really nice feature of anyone that regularly travels. This particular piece is on sale for $700 (regular price is $875.00). Yes, I will admit it is a lot of money, especially in today's economy. However, the consumer is paying for a wonderfully made piece of luggage. This piece would probably be one of the only garment bags the consumer will ever have to purchase. If you think of it that way, it is definitely worth the amount of money Hartman Luggage charges!

Hartman Luggage is celebrating 130 years of doing business. That alone says a lot. Companies do not make it 130 years without selling quality merchandise. If you are looking to make a luggage purchase you really should check out Hartman's luggage at
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