Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pay Per Post - A new experience


I have recently been approved to write blog postings for This is a website that will pay you to write blog postings on your blog. As anyone that knows me can tell you, I am always trying to find ways to supplement my income. I do surveys, I open e-mails to earn points toward gift cards, I enter contests and now I am writing blog postings for money. I was put onto by Anjie at freelancebyu. Anjie writes a great blog and newsletter that helps her reader find ways to save money or make supplemental money. She had posted on her blog about It took me a little while to get approved because I was not able to write to my blog as much as I had wanted. I needed to have at least 10 postings within a one month period. I finally did it and got approved.

Since I have not been with PPP too long, I really have not had time to explore all the opportunities that are available on the site. I have not had time to make friends from PPP; however, I am really looking forward to meeting people that are successful on this site.

I really love the idea of being paid to post blogs because I am just making it each month on my income. I have seriously considered getting a second job but have held off because of the crazy hours I work on my first job. I can make a little extra money writing for payperpost and I may not have to get a second job.

I plan on paying off debt and then saving to purchase a house. The money I make from PPP will help me achieve my goals!!!

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WTG SUZY! HIGH FIVE! stay tuned for grand opening of a FLBYU surprise that will allow you to post and share your blog coming soon!

CONGRATS ON PPP I am sure you will do will!

neva neva neva pay full price for anything!