Monday, November 26, 2007

Blog Hunt Swap on

This swap requires that I post different blogs on my blog. They are from different subjects.

Health Issues:
This blog is about the subject of mold. It is very interesting. Also, I never knew that there would be a blog about mold.

This site posts pictures of missing children. It is well worth looking at. At the bottom of each picture, you can find the contact information for the law enforcement agency handling the case.

Spiritual Issues:

There are many subjects in this blog. I have read it with regard to grief after losing my husband.

Food/Cooking issues:

The cooking diva blog is very interesting. It has information about the chef and things she does also includes many recipes.

Free Stuff

I have been a member of for over 5 years. The woman that runs the site sends out e-mails with terrific deals on purchases and numerous free items. I love this site.

Partners and coordinators blogs: (Coordinator of swap) (Keep Myself in Stitches)

Hope you enjoy looking at these blogs.

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Mrs Coetser said...

I like the belief net site. It is very interesting.