Thursday, August 23, 2007

So frustrated

I can't believe that I left my knitting at work today. I had one of those days at work and never even took a lunch which is when I do my knitting during the day. I got 1/2 way home and realized that I had left the bag of knitting sitting on my desk. The worst part is I need to finish the basket I am making because it is part of my mother's 60th birthday present on Sunday. (Nothing like waiting till the last second).

I have Alia, my granddaughter this evening so I can't work on any other projects until she goes home.

Hope you all had a great day.



Mystery Pal said...

What pattern are you using for the basket you're working on? I'm looking for a basket, possibly felted, to make for in my livingroom.

Suzy's Corner said...

The basket has not turned out. However, I will find the pattern and post it here. I will post it tomorrow. I have to try again because obviously I did something wrong! :)