Friday, March 11, 2011

It has been awhile- Knitting

I had not realized just how long it has been since I blogged about anything, much less my knitting. I have been on a knitting frenzy over the last few months. I am beginning to realize that I can conquer patterns I did not think I could before.

Friends and family all seem to be having baby booms so I have been knitting a lot of baby items. I knitted this round blanket for a co-worker's granddaughter that turned 1 2 days ago. I thought I had a picture of it but apparently don't. :( It was light pink with a yellow center.

My oldest daughter and her husband are expecting their first child (Annabel Rose) any day now. Needless to say I have been keeping busy with my knitting for our newest little princess. I made a flower afghan and a sweater. The sweater is the first one I have ever made and will make more. I found the confidence in sweater making by this first little one. Here are the pictures of the blanket and sweater:

Once I made the sweater for Annabel, my oldest granddaughter, Alia, wanted a sweater also. I made it for her but have not seen her since I finished it to see if it fits. I hope to see her this weekend.

I am determined to lower my yarn stash so I am trying to make as many projects out of the yarn I have instead of buying. I am working on a knitting needle case for a friend that also knits. I am using left over yarn from a book bag project I made years ago. By the way, the little sweater for Annabel was made from left over yarns from a project I made when Alia was born. Alia will be 5 years old in April. Time just flies by.

I am also starting to think about little knit projects I can make for Christmas gifts for next year. It is never to soon to think about Christmas if you are making gifts.

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