Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting ready for Kira's Wedding

I can't believe how fast the time has been flying by. My oldest daughter, Kira is getting married March 14, 2009. Needless to say, I have been very busy and very stressed trying to make sure everything is finished in time for the BIG DAY!

Last Saturday the bridesmaids held a surprise bridal shower for Kira. It was funny because Kira kept trying to figure out what date the shower would be on so she would try scheduling things for dates to see what all our reactions would be. What she did not know was that the bridesmaids, her fiance (Jesus), and myself were in constant contact so whoever was asked something about a date would know the "proper" response and we would all be on the same page. Kira was driving us all crazy!

The theme of the shower was "Spice Up Kira's Marriage". Everyone brought her a different spice for cooking. They played a game where there were 10 spices in different bowls around a table. The guests needed to guess what spice each was. I use spices and still found this game much more difficult than I thought I would.

As one of the activities, everyone share some advice for Kira. Once piece of advice that stuck with me was "Always remain the girlfriend." I loved it because it is so easy to become complacent with a relationship once you are married. It reminded me to never become so complacent with any relationship that you don't care enough to "be the girlfriend". The part of the shower became much more emotional than I think most of us thought it would. It was a very good thing they had Kleenex handy!!!!

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