Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thunder's passing

Unforntunately, I had to take Thunder to be put down yesterday. He had gotten to the point where he could not walk without falling over and was crying out in pain quite a bit. This broke my heart since he is probably one of the most lovable cats I have ever known. He got the greatest happiness when he was sitting on someone's lap being petting. I know that my husband now has Thunder with him and they are probably very happy to be reunited!


Jill said...

I went through a similar situation with the cat I had throughout my childhood a few years ago. It's such a difficult situation. You know you're doing the right thing to end their pain, but you miss having them there with you. Thunder looks like a special one.

jopal said...

We had to put 1 of our cats down in Oct. Her name was Kelly and we had er for 12 years. It was very difficult but she was very sick and in pain also. I know how you are feeling, you know you have to do it but it hurts so much!